The Stage is Set for Adventure in Sharn!

From the opulent floating mansions of Skyway to the ancient and labyrinthine Cogs, the City of Towers is bristling with mystery and exciting ways to get killed! Join our band of heroes as they start their journey to establish themselves in the greatest – or at least, largest city on Khorvaire!

The Heroes have become embroiled in an increasingly vicious gang war in the City, steering the future of the city’s power structure with their bold actions. Brutal Thugs, Forgotten Evils, Eccentric Assassins and Foreign Agents surround them on all sides. Who will come out on top? And what deadly threads of each hero’s past will come back to tangle them?

Feel free to take a look at the wiki. There’s a little more every update, with information about Sharn and the world more generally. For the things we don’t cover there, you can always check the official unofficial Eberron Wiki, below!

Also, here’s the actual Eberron Wiki which is extremely useful! – this will handle most topics about the city and the world in general, but will not have finer details.

In The City Of Towers

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