In The City Of Towers

Episode 1: A Warm Welcome

The Fall of the Red Band

The curtain opens four years after the day of Mourning, two years after the end of the Last War. Of the six warriors who saved Darok D’Kundarak on the Day of Mourning, five were together when they answered his summons to a small tavern in the Tavick’s Landing district.

On their way there, they came across a young dwarf being beaten to a pulp in an alleyway by a gang of street toughs – members of the Valenar elf gang the Red Band. The heroes made short work of the criminals and met the grateful dwarf Dan D’Kundarak, a young smith whose shop was nearby. The elven street gang had been shaking him down for protection money, along with other local businesses. They were joined in their fight by another local business owner, a Kalashtar named Novak, who lent his psychic prowess to the fight.

After the scuffle, the group were briefly accosted by the Sharn City Watch, led by the gruff Sergeant Aldous Pepperhammer, who let them off with a warning after hearing the testimony of Dan and Fargrim in their favour.

The rescued Dan D’Kundarak recognized Fargrim, and asked them to be his guests in taking a drink at the tavern where they were to meet Darok’s representative. Once there, they met with a pleasant dwarf representing Darok, who explained his master’s regret at not meeting them in person for reasons of security. After providing them with the gold that Darok had promised them four years ago, Darok’s representative offered them a chance for further employment;

The local toughs of the Red Band had been moving in on the legitimate businesses of the Tavick’s Landing district, an area in which Darok had invested heavily. The thugs seemed to be singling out businesses in which he invested for particular harassment. Being a direct man, Darok decided to fight fire with fire and send a message to the Red Band by hiring these six adventurers to protect his businesses and retaliate against them. The heroes accepted with gusto.

The group decided to enjoy a meal in the “Special Patrons” section of Novak’s diner, the Fat Pig, the heroes planned their assault on the Red Band hideout in a vacant warehouse a few levels above them (Gaius having already cased and located it). While they were planning their attack, the enemy had already taken matters into their own hands. Having already singled out Novak’s business as a target for extortion, the Red Band planted alchemical bombs around the edge of the structure, and the roof. A series of powerful blasts dropped ceiling beams and flaming debris into the restaurant, injuring many. The heroes were able to lift beams and calm the panicking patrons long enough to save those who were wounded – as well as locate and disarm a second, more powerful bomb. Just as the civilians were cleared to safety, the back wall burst inward, revealing the Red Band attackers: an elven necromancer and a horde of undead, immune to the choking smoke of the burning inn. The heroes made short work of the undead and their master, hacking them to bits.

In a fury to avenge this attack, the group made haste to the Red Band hideout, where the leadership were eagerly awaiting the good news of the death of the meddling do-gooders who had interfered with their shakedowns. Gaius made short work of the lock on their front entrance. With this access opened, he rolled in the explosive core of the disarmed bomb – straight into the middle of the warehouse full of gangsters – followed by Zwolf and Fargrim firing at the explosive core to detonate it.

In the ensuing blast, there were few Red Bands still on their feet to fight back. One of the leadership was able to open his kennel of fierce attack wolves, and unleash a pack of ferocious wolves into the wrecked warehouse to attack the heroes. Though Gaius and Hadari were momentarily pulled down by the swarming wolves, their Eladrin heritage enabled them to regain their footing. Within moments, the party had, in a flurry of furious attacks, destroyed the huntmaster and his wolves. (and Fargrim had contemptuously set fire to a few unfortunate elf thugs).

With the Red Band hideout in ruins and their best warriors dead within a 24 hour blitz, the gang is out of commission.

Still, the worry lingers; the Red Band were not known for their initiative or vision. Who might have incited them to violence against the holdings of Darok D’Kundarak, and why?



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