In The City Of Towers

Episode 4: Mix It Up

The heroes show the Vandergrafts what happens when you mess with them

The party decided to send a message to the Vandergraft crime family: Their threats and attacks would not go unpunished.

Acting on a tip from Kado’s brother Cavendish (of the Boromar Clan), Versifer travelled down to a Vandergraft-owned warehouse in the Cliffside district of Sharn where a large number of suspicious crates had recently been moved – crates that arrived on unscheduled freighters in the dead of night, under heavy guard.

Versifer used his Vandergraft signet ring and a glib tongue to pass for a Vandergraft officer, and found the warehouse filled with workers whose skin was scarred with magical mutations. Seizing a number of maps and charts from the warehouse’s main office, Versifer rejoined his allies outside.

The group was able to ambush a group of Vandergraft thugs who had apparently kidnapped an innocent person from the lower city and were bringing them to the warehouse to act as a “test subject”. The five thugs were quickly dealt with by the heroes, who laid into them with furious abandon. They quickly set free the captive, scaring her (for her own safety) into running home.

Soon, Versifer, led his five companions, now dressed in stolen uniforms, and their new ‘captive’ (one of the thugs, now bound and gagged), into the warehouse, and relieved the outside guards of their duties. Inside, the suspicious overseers began to ask too many questions, and Versifer opened the battle with a vicious attack. The battle was thick and fierce, but in the end the monstrous ogres and handful of other workers and overseers were no match for the warriors arrayed against them.

The party cracked open the crates in the warehouse to find that many of them were filled with warforged components; antique arms, legs, cores, heads, all of them long out of service, and all of them stripped and gutted, as if for spare parts. Other crates were filled with more grisly cargo; the preserved limbs of humanoids, all neatly folded and stacked, bloodless, in their crates.

In the next room, the party encountered a pair of Eladrin, who seemed to be conducting bizarre experiments in the secret backroom of the warehouse. The party opened fire with an improvised shrapnel bomb made of old warforged components, and followed the explosion in. As they entered, the heroes discovered that the Eladrin were guarded by Vandergraft bodyguards, and a small army of green slime monsters who engulfed the heroes and began to dissolve their skin.

It was a pitched, bloody battle, but in the end the heroes won the day – but not without Fargrim ‘accidentally’ killing both of the eladrin in the process. In the end, the heroes stood over the fallen enemies in the foul laboratory, and sifted through the wreckage. It seemed that their first hit against the Vandergraft Crime Family had been a good one.



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