In The City Of Towers

Episode 5: All Thumbs

Exit Red Band: Enter Solvers


The Whole Truth, The Best Truth!


Tavick’s Landing was shaken yesterday as a vicious gang war erupted out of a hostage situation. A band of criminals calling themselves the Red Band temporarily seized control of a section of the lower tier of the tradesman’s plateau, killing two people and holding several passersby as hostages. At this point, an unknown second gang arrived, and began a vicious street brawl with the Red Band ruffians. The second band are described as a group of very large halflings, one of them alledgedly made of metal, and another allegedly just a dwarf, one of them riding a lizard mount from the Talenta plains – suggesting gang influence from the notorious Halfing mafia. While there are those who may think it is impolite to assume that all organized criminals are halflings, this reporter for one thinks it is naive to underestimate their stranglehold on the city. The brawl between these two groups was one-sided. Sharn City watch were quick to arrive on the scene and ‘arrest’ the guilty parties, but the halflings escaped – murdering a changeling in broad daylight as it fled the scene.

Sergeant Aldous Pepperhammer of the City watch declined to be interviewed, but told this reporter “[Not to] worry about it, it’s all under control ya [omitted]. Go soak yer head.” You will forgive an old gnome if he is not convinced by such assurances! The city continues to run rampant with crime – where will it stop? At least with gang infighting, the criminals are eliminating each other – now let’s hope any of us honest people will be around to enjoy the peace and quiet when they’re all dead!

In other news, the Mror Spineshredders whooped the Aundair Thunderhawks 41-12 today in Bumper Chess. Mror star Bludgeoner Jorrick Backbreaker scored an amazing three ruptures on the opposing team, which he credited to his diet of…

After engaging the Red Band, the heroes discovered that the Changeling Hand was hidden among the crowd. When the band were destroyed in combat and his gambit to steal back his blade failed, Hand made a break for it. He was promptly overtaken and shot to death by Zwolf. In his dying breaths, he told the heroes where the Vandergraft headquarters could be found: a clock tower in the lower city.

In the clock tower, the heroes found themselves sealed into a gauntlet of deadly traps by a mad trapsmith named Thumbs. They cleared his gauntlet and knocked the villain out for his troubles. When they thought to interrogate him, his body had dissolved into a foul black slime – a hideous death. They soon understood why; he was an agent of the Solvers’ Guild, and all Solvers take their assignments on pain of death. Capture is not an option, and their bodies will be dissolved into muck if they should fail in their task – whether they still live, or not! The heroes now search for clues as to the larger plot, pondering their next move…


Letter to the Editor:

Quite right! These halfling vagabonds can no longer be allowed to wreak havoc on our fair city! Why just the other day my cousin otis was beaten about the head and neck by a halfling because he refused to seat the little wretch at his dining establishment. Halflings demanding to be served alongside honest citizens? Whatever next!?

However, on your coverage of sporting entertainments, I fear your otherwise-redoubtable publication has been somewhat negligent. Where, or where, is your coverage of the notable and noble game of Spor-karr? I demand satisfaction in your next publication!


Aldous Q. Bagshot, Esq.

Episode 5: All Thumbs

Dear Mr. Bagshot,

Thank you for taking the time to write us – our Spor-Karr coverage will be redoubled in our next issue, in which we will cover the World Urn Championship, for all the Marbles! The Q’Barran Matrix-Breakers will be taking on the Zilargo Unthinkables – don’t miss a moment!

P.S: Halflings are a necessary evil in our cities, but if only they would make more of an effort to be assimilated into the nation they have chosen to move to… well.

Episode 5: All Thumbs

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