In The City Of Towers

Episode 2: Into the Depths

A Trial by Fire

After their triumph over the Red Band, the heroes were called upon by Darok D’Kundarak to help defend his holdings. Five answered: The warforged sharpshooter, Zwolf; the Eladrin fencer, Gaius; the mysterious master of spell and sword, Hadari; the fierce halfling Kado; and the bow-wielding dwarf Fargrim. Two others were absent; Versifer being away in his cups, and Novak busy with the repair of his bar. The heroes were hired as security consultants to help protect his lower branch of the House Kundarak bank. As they were led to the premises to begin their planning, they were shocked to discover a robbery in progress!

A band of elf thieves, led by a dragonmarked changeling named Hand, burst out of the side door of the bank and began making a run for it. The party moved to stop them. A fight broke out, and in the confusion and chaos, the changeling was able to create a cloud of darkness and escape on a passing skycoach, as well as one of his soldiers. Hand had been carrying a black safety deposit box that Darok’s representative confirmed contained very sensitive documents entrusted by House Cannith. Darok’s agent hired the five heroes on the spot to recover the safe deposit box, urging them to let no one see it or know of it, lest it attract more thieves and treachery. Kado learned from a captured enemy where the fleeing thieves were bound: a tanning-house in the Ashblack district of the Cogs.

As the group took the Kundarak skycoach after their prey, they were ambushed at the tunnel lift down to the cogs by a pair of Red Band remnants and their guard drakes. The group made short work of the Drakes and their masters, with Zwolf impaling and igniting one while Kado shoved another clean off the ledge to its death below.

Taking the magical lift down, and slowly descended into the fiery depths of the Cogs, center of industry for Sharn. Here, they sought out the tannery in question, and discovered a pair of dwarven mercenaries lying in ambush. Zwolf and Gaius attacked from hiding, and a deadly shrapnel arrow from Fargrim ended the battle in a heartbeat. Inside the tannery, they found one of the escaped thieves, alone – and the place ransacked. The remaining thief claimed to have been betrayed by his comrade, Hand the changeling, who he claimed had left with both the safety deposit box they had stolen and all of the gang’s accumulated wealth. They learned that Hand had prepared an escape route back to the upper city; a narrow path up into the sewers and the depths of Sharn, though which one might reach the city again.

Without a guide, the group headed up into the depths of Sharn – guided by the incredible eyesight and magic detection of Fargrim, who bears the mark of Finding. They followed the tracks of their prey to a split in the tunnel. A Kruthik nest had breached the tunnel in one direction, and another passage was a carved kobold den. The group decided to avoid these hazards, and continued straight, entering the sewers of Sharn.

In the deep sewers, they stumbled into the lair of the King of the Drowned, a mad undead whose evil will claims those unfortunates who drown in the sewers of Sharn. A swarm of sodden zombies and undead rats ravaged the party. The zombies and rats were ferociously beaten back by Fargrim, Zwolf and Hadari, with Zwolf impaling many on his bladed arms, and Hadari deftly cutting several – but the rat swarm was unharmed by their heroics, and threatened to kill them. Luckily, a daring assault by Kado and Gaius destroyed the King, and ended the threat of his rat minions before they could claim the others. They stopped here a moment to overcome their wounds – and disgust. After Kado had claimed the staff of his enemy as a trophy, they moved on.

Haggard and wounded, the heroes pressed onward. At last, they climbed higher, and entered the middle sewers of Sharn. There, they came across a group of Boromar halflings who were retrieving a clandestine shipment of drugs from a stash in the sewers. The heroes burst onto the scene and attacked the thugs, taking on a score of vicious halflings and a full-grown Carver and Clawfoot. A mean brawl ensued. Hadari was able to use his strange magic to entrap and stab the main force of the Halflings, while Kado knocked another into the sludge and mounted the clawfoot. Versifer burst onto the scene, having tracked the safe deposit box to this room on his own – and his attack revealed that one of the halflings was in fact Hand in disguise!

Gaius outfenced Hand and sent him plummeting, humiliated, into the sewage water. Versifer caught the safe deposit box from his arms and rejoined the fight. Soon the heroes had beaten and put to rout the entire gang, who lost the will to fight after Gaius impaled the Carver and ended its rampage. The weary heroes stopped only long enough for Zwolf to recover Hand’s dropped rapier. After a long and deadly day’s fighting, they stood triumphant – the safe deposity box recovered, and safely in the hands of Versifer.

Wait… where did Versifer go, anyway? He left? He mumbled something about a conspiracy? Oh, by the Host, Versifer took the Box and vanished! Darok is not going to like this!



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