STR 10 HP: 30

CON 15 SPD: 6

DEX 15 INIT: 2

INT 19

WIS 10



AC 19


REF 14


Wearing leather armour

Wielding longsword, basic attack +7, 1d8+4


Hadari grew up in the country of Valenar as the child in a large family. His family had a strong tradition of becoming warriors and scouts so he and his siblings were trained in various martial and ninja arts from a young age. Hadari was considered to be one of the most adept pupils in a long time, specifically with earth based spells. As time passed they became mercenaries working for house Deneith and were often hired as a specialist team for more covert missions.

A particularly high paying mission took them to Sharn where Hadari and most of his family infiltrated a house Phiarlan compound in an attempt to retrieve a powerful stolen magical artifact. Hadari was ambushed inside the building holding the artifact by many guards. Using his most powerful spells or “jutsu”, he was able to defeat them while his other family members kept the outside security members busy. As he reached to grab the artifact a dying guard he thought he had defeated mustered his strength and activated the emergency defense system. Hadari was struck with a form of psychic attack and passed out. He woke up to being dragged out of the room by guards where he encountered a horrifying scene. His brothers and sisters had been overwhelmed by sheer numbers and lay dead and defeated amongst huge swaths of enemies. He was thrown into a cell to be tortured and questioned for days to follow.

A side effect of the defense system seemed to be lost memories. Hadari could hardly remember anything before getting hit by the system. He couldn’t remember who he was working for or many intimate details of his life, where he was from, even many of his abilities seemed lost to him (although he didn’t realize this). After several weeks he managed to kill the guard and escape his cell, although he was shot in the back with an arrow and toppled down several levels in sharn landing luckily on an inn owner’s transport among his newly purchased sacks of flour. The innkeeper was a merry and kind dwarf who allowed Hadari to regain his strength over the following weeks and in return Hadari worked as an enforcer at the inn’s common room. He regained glimpses and parts of his memories but many are still missing.

Hadari has recently taken to picking up odd jobs and mercenary jobs in the lower levels of Sharn.


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