Fierce warrior of the Talenta Plains, tearing into all enemies with a wild roar, and storming thru ranks striking with his Talenta blades making his foe feel the bite.

  • Character Name: Kadohadacho “The Beast of the Blade Desert”
  • Class: Barbarian
  • Race: Halfling
  • Height 4’2”
  • Weight: 80 lb
  • Gender: Male
  • Str: 17
  • Con: 14
  • Dex: 14
  • Int: 8
  • Wis: 11
  • Cha: 17
  • Fort: 18
  • Ref: 16
  • Will: 16
  • Racial Bonus: Bold +5 to saves vs fear
  • AC: 19
  • Lost in the Crowd: +2 to AC, 2 larger enemies adjacent (medium and up)
  • Racial Bonus: Nimble Reaction Against opportunity Attacks +2 to AC
  • HP: 47
  • Bloodied: 23
  • Surges/Day: 11
  • Acrobatics +10
  • Athletics +11
  • Intimidate +11
  • Thievery +5
  • Armor Prof: Cloth, Leather, Hide
  • Weapon Prof: Simple Melee, Military Melee
  • Feats: Talenta Warrior, Lost in the Crowd, Mark of Handling
  • Languages: Common, Dwarven
  • Equipment
  • Talenten Clothes
  • Thundering Talenta Tangat
  • Carver Hide Armor
  • Talenta Sharrash
  • Talenta Boomerang
  • Standard Adventurer’s Kit
  • Talenten Hunt Mask of Terror
  • Amulet of Proection +1
  • Tyhm
  • Weapons
  • Sharrash: Attk: +8 Dmg: 1d8+5 High Crit
  • Tangat: Attk: +8 Dmg: 1d8+8 Hight Crit, Versatile
  • Racial Power
  • Second Chance (Encounter)
  • At-Will Powers
  • Howling Strike
  • Pressing Strike
  • Encounter Powers
  • Vault the Fallen
  • Daring Carge
  • Daily Powers
  • Rage Drake’s Frenzy
  • Utility Powers
  • Combat Sprint
  • Ritual
  • Animal Messenger
  • Steed Summons

“Amidst a huge attack by warmongering Valenar Elves, a beast among men fought fiercely. This mans anger when set free, couldn’t be confine by any mortal. He ran though several ranks of Elves, slashing his way in, then when he met eyes their leader, with three hacks unanswered the leader fell spiritless at the beast feet.” – Talenten Bard recounting Kados first glorified victory

Kadohadacho, son of Zenkochetoo, lived two decades with his large family wandering the vast savanna of the Talenta Plains. His father, Zenko, a great leader, Lath his tribe, raised Kado to be a great halfling warrior and possibly future leader of the tribe.

Even at a young age Kado’s mastery of the tribal weapons is remarkable, his favorite weapon to wield is the dangerous Tangat which can only be maneuvered by the best of warriors. Kado likewise is a champion of fitness, both nimble and strong in any task that he undertakes. In battle, Kado, is known to dishearten injured, the biggest or most powerful, enemies to surrender or flee and he has an uncanny ability to rally his tribal warriors to victory. The primal spirits beast of the scalebacks lived within Kado. When angered he summoned a rage rarely seen in a Talenten warrior.

Despite Kados success in combat, his father’s dream was to follow in his foot steps and become Lath of the Zenkochetoo Tribe or even become Lathlon, but this dream is becoming faded. The one uniting feature of all Lath and Lathlon is their ability to connect with the land , animals and clawfoots. The movement of the tribes depends on the Lathlon’s knowledge and is critical to its survival. Whereas Kado’s ability to live off the land, even alone, is inferior to most of the tribal halflings. His attempts to ride and tame most clawfoots end in failure, with the exception of his childhood pet Clawfoot. His father believes that if Kado can call upon or developed his talent with nature he may realize his full potential.

During the Last War, a few years before the mourning, Kado search for mercenary work by orders of a tribe council to gain allies among non-talentens in case of any invasion to the Plains. Kado left his clawfoot with his tribe, making it slightly easier for Kado to be hired to work with other. Kado hoped he would also gain the necessary knowledge and experience to become Lath.


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