Aldous Pepperhammer

A tough but fair Sergeant in the Sharn Watch.


While the Sharn City Watch may be rife with corruption, one man patrols the lower levels of the city and refuses to turn a blind eye to crime: Sergeant Aldous Pepperhammer. A middle-aged dwarf, Aldous served his country in the Last War as an infantryman – and brings the same military mindset to his work in the city. He volunteers to patrol districts of Sharn where the rest of the watch, through fear or indifference, do not venture.

A mean enemy in a fight, he became famous in wartime for his ability to turn a victim’s foot completely backward in one swing of his hammer “Kneebuster”. Pepperhammer rarely needs to fight in his current capacity as a watch Segreant, and does not seek to make trouble, but is secretly delighted when the chance presents itself to mangle an evildoer’s limbs in the name of law and order.

Pepperhammer tries not to play favourites, but is known to turn a blind eye to violence and murder if the victims are known criminals or traitors. He has a particular distaste for elves because of the Valenar elves’ betrayal of their allies in Cyre during the war.

Pepperhammer has a certain fondness for the members of the Party because of their vigilante justice against the criminals of Sharn, especially their complete massacre of the Red Band gang. He has acted to smooth things for them with the Watch in the past, but now begins to face opposition on this front as the party anger more powerful forces.

Aldous Pepperhammer

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