Former Captain of the Omega Squad


A one-eyed Warforged assassin, Ein-3 used to lead the Crimson Omega Squad that created Zwolf-7. Ein-3 was proud of his pupil Zwolf until Zwolf was captured and reprogrammed to fight his former allies. Zwolf assassinated all the representatives at a peace summit during the war, and killed his former ally Drei and destroyed one of Ein’s eyes with arrows from the darkness in his retreat.

Ein-3 and his squad of assassins fell in with the Vandergraft crime family in their search for employment. The Vandergrafts found that having an efficient and deadly team of hired killers on hand was extremely useful in their line, and used the CoS to murder members of house Kundarak with the apparent motive of stealing a mysterous crate from them.

Ein-3 and three other members of the Squad were killed when the party tracked them down. Today, Kado holds Ein’s remaining eye on his hunt mask, while Zwolf-7 has installed his mentor’s magical pauldron.


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