"Cavendish" Boromar

A small-time underboss in the Boromar crime family


“Cavendish” (his friends call him “Cav”) has been a loyal and efficient earner for the Boromars for many years. Thanks to his hard work, the Boromar’s business supplying narcotics to dens of ill repute in the lower city has been running smoothly and without any unfortunate incidents that might cause a loss of profits.

Many Sharn regulars know Cavendish, as he is a particularly friendly and cordial representative of his sometimes-brutal patron family the Boromar Clan. Cavendish is an expert at remembering the names of his acquaintances and always has a respectful nod for all he meets.

Just don’t turn your back on him.

Cavendish is also Kado’s older brother, and though he is fond of his little brother, he thinks him something of a foolish idealist for being slow to adapt to the ways of the big city.

Cavendish recently made an effort to smooth things over between the Boromar Clan and the party, offering them information about the Vandergraft family so that the party could destroy their operation and prove their value to the Boromar clan, allowing Cavendish to begin smoothing things over with the Boromar Lath.

"Cavendish" Boromar

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