Fantasio 'Fanty' Magellan

A fast-talking chirurgeon who caters to the criminal class of Sharn, and thus has a detailed knowledge of the movers and shakers, and their dealings.


Fantasio Magellan was on the fast track to becoming one of the top medical professionals it the College of Chirurgeons at Sharn, before the headmaster caught word of his on-the-side deals with several disreputable characters. Fantasio had been selling medical supplies on the side to low-level drug pushers in the lower quarters of Sharn.

He was stripped of his license, and soon found that the only place he could ply his trade was in the very underworld he’d been selling his wares too. Fantasio makes a steady wage patching up injured criminals and brewing potions and cocktails both medicinal and recreational.He never asks questions, but he’s picked up a lot of useful information about how criminals in Sharn operate.

Gaius was recommended to hm after a particularly rough job, and they struck up an odd sort of friendship. Gaius recognizes in the good doctor a kindred spirit – a ‘better class of person’ fallen on hard times.

Though none question his skill, some are beginning to question Fanty’s sanity. Rumour has it he often samples his own wares, and more than one thief claims to have heard the doctor mumbling about the ‘castrati di mezzanocce’ when he thinks no-one is listening.

For all that, Fanty’s proved himself a capable chirurgeon, and a good source of gossip about the movers and shakers in Sharn.

Fantasio 'Fanty' Magellan

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