A Changeling thug who bears the Mark of Shadow - and works for the Vandergrafts


Hand is a player in the criminal underworld of Sharn. His past is not common knowledge, but rumour has it he is well-connected to a major Sharn crime family. Hand is typically called upon to carry out murders or sometimes thefts. He has a reputation for taking necessary risks without hesitation when on a job.

While Hand is capable of taking any humanoid’s appearance, he prefers to walk in his natural, chalk-white form. He prefers killing to disguise whenever possible, but is an accomplished actor.

Hand bears the Mark of Shadow, which is normally the property of Elves.

Most recently, Hand robbed a house Kundarak bank in lower Sharn (double-crossing his partners), and was hunted down by five mercenaries working for Darok D’Kundarak. Hand was defeated (twice) and humiliated, losing his prize and his treasured rapier. He escaped with his life into the sewers and is at large.

He has used the services of the street doctor Fantasio Magellan at least once.

update: After a failed attack on the Party, Hand was tracked down and killed by Zwolf. With his dying breath, he led the heroes into a deadly ambush.


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