Jairon Thondanna

An arrogant and immoral eladrin prince from the City of Eternal Dawn. He and Gaius Rhaegalion have a history.


Jairon is Prince of the City of Eternal Dawn, a powerful city in the world of the Eladrin. He rose to this position by right of succession – his father Belavon was Prince before him. Belavon died of a mysterious wasting illness, incurable by even the arts of the Eladrin, and some whisper (but not loudly) that it was Jairon who slew him, having grown tired of waiting for his father to secede the throne.

In his youth (a few centuries ago), Jairon was known to be a skilled and vicious duellist, a master of the deadly eladrin sword-dance who defended his honour on more than one occasion.

Jairon is known for being a harsh but fair ruler. He has improved diplomatic relations with other Eladrin cities, and improved his own city’s place in that complex world. Politicians in other cities claim that his strong-arm tactics will force them into war or concession. Jairon’s counsellors claim that is nonsense.

Jairon Thondanna

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