Stoat, Nub, and Wreks

Three street-urchins from Sharn's Undercity


Stoat, Nub and Wrecks are a trio of very young urchins.. They live in the Undercity of Sharn where they subsist on petty theft and odd jobs.


Shortly after his arrival in the city, the three children attempted to perform a cutpurse racket on Versifer. He caught them in the act, but rather than punish the children he offered to trade them a few of his coins for a story. The children’s tales were rich with the embellishments of youth, but Versifer realized that the urchins could move through the city unseen and posessed a knowledge of the comings and goings among the slums that was unparalelled by any professional crier. They struck up a deal: Stoat, Nub and Wrecks keep Versifer appraised of any imporant happenings in Sharn and its environs, and Versifer provides the trio with the outlandish tales of his homeland and what few coins he can spare.

Stoat, Nub, and Wreks

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