Anna Kindness

An Always Cheerful middle aged woman


” With a proper smile and any guest will feel at ease”

Anna, born on the plains of Talenta, is the owner of Sharn’s Kindness, an Inn and Restaurant. She is member of the House Ghallanda. She is known for the best hospitality in the Inn District.

Her youth was spent in the Talenta Plains among the Zenkochetoo tribe. Her chosen work in the tribe was Gradilac, a mask maker. However during her adolescence Anna discovered a new abilities and also a Mark of Hospitality emerged. The tribe sent her to House Ghallanda headquarters in Gatherhold.

After years of study and fine tuning her abilities, Anna was sent to Sharn. She establish her Inn and Restaurant and immediately she gain popularity among Patrons and guest from all over.

Anna Kindness

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