An ancient warforged of seemingly unstoppable power. Who made it, and what is its true pupose?


In a metal coffin in a Vandergaft Laboratory, the party discovered Null the warforged. It is not like other warforged, possessing no personality whatsoever, merely obeying. What is currently known about Null is best represented a series of bullet points:

  • Null appears to be much stronger and faster than most warforged – and remains untested in combat.
  • It is known that it weighs a great deal, enough to crack stone beneath its feet when it leaps.
  • Currently it recognizes only Gaius as its master, and ignores communication from all others (though it will respond with increasing levels of hostility to verbal threats against itself or Gaius).
  • It is incredibly literal when receiving instructions. Once it has been issued a command, not even its own master can call it off or slow it down until it perceives its orders to be fulfilled. Any who get in its way are ignored if possible, but Null seems willing and capable to commit violence to complete its tasks.
  • Null has described its own armament as consisting of “one pair of arm-mounted separators” and “one prismatic magic projection engine”. What this means is anyone’s guess.

- Null is covered in engravings and strange script, which after some effort were revealed to be the ancient (and long-lost) Giant tongue. Some of the symbols, however, are utterly unrecognizable.


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