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  • Aldous Pepperhammer

    While the Sharn City Watch may be rife with corruption, one man patrols the lower levels of the city and refuses to turn a blind eye to crime: Sergeant Aldous Pepperhammer. A middle-aged dwarf, Aldous served his country in the Last War as an infantryman - …

  • Darok D'Kundarak

    A very old Dwarf who has achieved considerable power as a Banker in house Kundarak. He was rescued from his Dolgrim captors on the day of Mourning by six heroes. After being kidnapped so easily, he became markedly paranoid after being rescued. Now he is …

  • Stoat, Nub, and Wreks

    Shortly after his arrival in the city, the three children attempted to perform a cutpurse racket on Versifer. He caught them in the act, but rather than punish the children he offered to trade them a few of his coins for a story. The children's tales …

  • Mordreck D'Kundarak

    A young Kundarak scion whose dragonmark and ruthless business tactics have brought him high in the family hierarchy. He is cousin to Fargrim and Dan D'Kundrak, and has his eyes on Darok's lofty position in the family.

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