The vast, rolling farmlands of Aundair provide much of the grain and other crops that feed Khorvaire. Occasionally, as one travels along the rolling grasslands and simple farming towns below, one will catch a glimpse of a floating arcane academy passing overhead; beautiful spires reaching up from a base of solid rock, suspended and slowly drifting a hundred feet or more about the earth below.

The Mages of Aundair are famous for their skill. The wizards of Arcanix are said to be the greatest magical researchers living today.

In the Last War, Aundair suffered greatly. First they exhausted their magical forces battling the endless waves of undead soldiers from Karrnath, but worse still, the Aundairian military could not repel the follow-up attacks by the savage tribes from the Demon Wastes to the northwest. Thus, the people of western Aundair – what is now known as the Eldeen Reaches, were left to fend for themselves. Many died. When at last the Gatekeeper druid who dwelled there were able to rally the natives of the Reaches to defend themselves, their defense was so successful that they declared their independence from Aundair after the war.

So it was that Aundair was cut in half, losing enormour tracts of land which today have become the Eldeen Reaches.


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