Axe Gang

Even the upper levels of Sharn can be a dangerous place to tread, if one steps on the wrong toes. The Sharn watch generally keep the upper levels safe for the wealthy or careless to go about their business, but there is one danger that lurks even in the upper levels; the Axe Gang.

Unlike their namesake weapon, the members Axe Gang prize sophistication and propriety. Axe Gang members (or “Axes”) are always dressed in formal clothing while on duty – typically a black merchant’s suit with cravat for both genders. The Axe Gang extort businesses with the utmost subtlety and respect in the middle levels, and operate as enforcers on behalf of more powerful crime families on the upper levels on occasion. The average interaction with an axe gang representative is an exchange of envelopes with a courteous smile and tip of the hat.

However, when someone causes them any trouble, and fails to catch the hinted menace behind the polite facade, the unfortunate victim will learn why the Axe Gang are named for their weapon and not for their charm. Occasionally a merchant or minor noble of the Upper city fails to appreciate how little protection the City Watch can offer to someone who steps too far out of line, and has vanished into the night – with hushed whispers of dozens of dapper figures, all wearing their finest suits – and all holding sharp, brutal axes at their sides – calmly surrounding the victim’s home or business.

No remains are ever found.

Axe Gang

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