Far, far below the City of Sharn, below the endless twisting maze of the sewers and the depths of the undercity, lies a massive pool of lava from Eberron’s core. Built on the rocky ledges above it sits the Cogs, center of industry in Sharn.

The Cogs are filled with foundries, factories, forges and smithies – and any other business that emits vile odours or requires red-hot magma. The squat, pragmatic buildings here are perpetually covered in soot and ash. The air is filled with acrid smoke and the constant clang and grind of machinery and labour. Those who work here are covered in soot, and there are few guardrails around the frequent crevices leading to the main lava pools below.

Access to the Cogs is provided at several lift station in the lower city, which lead floating platforms down through safe tunnels that cut directly through the massive Depths of the city to reach the cogs below. These lifts are guarded from trouble on both sides, but beyond them, danger is omnipresent in the Cogs. The Cogs grow more dangerous to visitors the further one strays away from the main factories. Any number of threats lurk in the shadows; falling debris and construction machines have claimed many lives through accidents, but cutpurses, muggers, and murderers also roam the shadowy alleyways looking for game. Even worse dangers sometimes crawl up from the lava pit below – or lurch down from the Sharn Depths above, looking for fresh meat.

The main industrial section of the Cogs is the Ashblack district, where the vast majority of factories and forges are located. This neighborhood has a prime magma flow to supply its businesses.


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