Crimson Omega Squad

The Crimson Omega Squad

A group of a dozen highly trained warforged created by the high council of the nation of Cyre. Built for speed, stealth and accuracy, their sole purpose was to accomplish high security and classified operations. They were programmed to stick to the shadows and hunt their prey, which made them highly valuable for high level assassinations. More so they are the deadliest group of assassins rumoured to exist, for no one has seen them, for if you did, it was too late.

Each of the 12 Warforged is labelled by two numbers. The first set of numbers is written in an ancient barbaric dialect, designating their ranks. With Ein translating as one, being the first, all the way to Zwolf meaning twelve being the last. The second series of numbers designates the model of Warforged they are, the higher the number means that the Warforged was of a recent model number. Some of the twelve share these numbers for they are of the same make. Model number 7 was the most recent before the high council ended the construct program satisfied with only 12 being made. Model numbers 1 and 2 were too outdated for the desired program. Therefore the Warforged known as Ein-3 leads these deadly dozen.

Today, the Crimson Omega Squad is in the employ of the Vandergraft family, as hired killers and thieves. Mercenaries from house Kundarak encountered and killed several of the CoS, including Ein-3.

The squad is now led by Zwei-3.

Order by rank:

Ein-3 (Leader) -(Deceased)

Zwei-3 (2nd in Command)


Vier-4 -(Deceased)


Sechs-5 – (Deceased)





Elf-7 – (Deceased)


Crimson Omega Squad

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