Bearing the Mark of Protection, the member of house Deneith are bodyguards par excellence. In peacetime, the house itself makes the majority of its income by selling the services of its highly-trained bodyguards, both dragonmarked and not. In times of conflict, the house has made a great deal more by hiring its elite mercenary soldiers, the Blademarks, to whoever can pay.

The blademarks are professional soldiers who fight intelligently and to the last, with the sole caveat that blademarks will not fight other members of their own house regardless of the circumstance. Even in peacetime, the blademarks keep busy around the continent.

The Sentinel Marshalls of House Deneith have rather a different mandate; these extremely highly-trained men and women hunt down the most deadly and dangerous outlaws on Khorvaire. Unlike the law enforcement of the five nations, the Marshalls have jurisdiction to hunt across any borders. Sentinel Marshalls are famous for their ability to collar and bring back alive (sometimes dead) even the most elusive and dangerous wanted fugitives – guilty or not.

House Deneith’s headquarters lie in Karrnath.


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