The Feywild

The Feywild, also known as the Twilight lands, the Lands Sideways of the Sun, or simply Faerie, is a dimension coexistent with the Material Plane of Khorvaire. Indeed, of all the other planes, the Feywild is the easiest to access from the Material. There are certain places on the Prime Material plane where the barrier between the two realities is thin. Every sunrise and sunset at these locales, the Feywild’s dimensional orbit brings it into alignment with the Material Plane, and travel between the two is possible for an hour or so, until the sun has risen or set.

The Feywild is home to many strange and wondrous creatures, often referred to by mortals by the catch-all term ‘fairies’. The most numerous and significant of these are the Eladrin, a race of otherworldly long-lived humanoids.

The Eladrin kingdoms center around five great towers called Feyspires, which occasionally manifest in Eberron in various places according to the alignment of the planes. It is known that at least one Feyspire kingdom of the Eladrin was manifesting in Cyre on the Day of Mourning, and remains in the Mournland, severed from the Feywild. What lurks within it, none can now say.

A Feyspire.


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