Gith is an all-encompasing term that refers to a race of people from the Outer Planes. They are not native to Eberron, and are all-but-unknown to those without knowledge of The Planes.

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The Gith have a long and storied history dating back countless millenia. They are thought to be descended from humans captured and bred by Mind Flayers, or illithid, to serve as slave labour for the illithid empire that once spanned worlds. In time the slaves developed an awareness of their plight and, led by the priest Zerthimon and the warrior Gith, rose up against their masters in a bloody revolt. When the fighting was done Gith and Zerthimon dissagreed on the next course of action: Gith wished to hunt down the remaining illithid and crush what was left of their empire; Zerthimon preached patience and acceptance. Thus was made the Pronouncement of Two Skies, and Zerthimon was slain. Those loyal to Gith set sail in great ships for the Astral Sea and became the Githyanki, while those who followed Zerthimon became nomads of the Elemental Chaos known as Githzerai.


Both races possess great psionic potential through generations of exposure to illithid breeding practices. Githyanki are wild and warlike. Githzerai are far more contemplative as life in the Elemental Chaos depends greatly on self-control, generally content to merely exist in peace. Both sects maintain a deep-seated hatred of the illithid and retain the ability to sense their presence. While the Githyanki actively hunt the illithid the Githzerai usually only go on the offensive when they sense Mind Flayers have invaded their turf. When this happens the Githzerai dispatch bands of warrior-philosophers knows as zerths. It is said that in ancient times zerths carried mystical psychic blades called the karach that were shaped by their wielders’ thoughts and capable of killing the very life-force of a world. If these blades ever existed, the secret to their creation is long-lost.


Gith are uniformly tall and gaunt, with flesh-tones ranging from a jaundiced yellow to deep green. Githyanki tend to be slightly taller and slighter, while also being more wiry due to their exposure to the naked Astral Sea. They wear and use armour and weapons of glistening silver – it is said that a blade of Githyanki Silver can kill the very soul of those not native to the Astral. Githzerai tend to be more rugged than their Astral kin, hardened through life in the Elemental Chaos.

Facial Hair

While male Githyanki are capable of growing facial hair, it tends to be sparse and gross. Githzerai facial hair is far more luscious and full, capable of great feats of manliness.


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