House Rules

  • No “Expertise” Feats – the Feats “Weapon Expertise” and “Implement Expertise” from the PHB2 are literally the worst, foulest rotting sacks of shit that were ever foaled out of the festering, pus-dripping sphincter of some mushroom-addicted crack whore on the PHB 2 writing team. I shit on them, their families, their descendants.

The feats are so good that literally every single character should be taking them. It’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. So instead of having the players spend a feat on them, I am just giving them to you free of charge:

PCs get +1 to ALL attack rolls. this bonus goes up to +2 at level 11 and +3 at level 21. It is not weapon or implement specific: all attack rolls, including things like alchemical junk.

  • Initiative Order – Tired of having people not remember their bleeding initiative, DM Sascha has decreed that, as an incentive to remember, we have an initiative token. Every time you move the token at the end of your turn, you gain 1 XP.

House Rules

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