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Khorvaire: The continent on which this story takes place.

The Five Great Nations of Galifar: These five countries were the cause of the Last War.
  • Breland, in the south, which contains Sharn. Famed for its political freedoms.
  • Aundair, in the northwest. Famed for its Mages and arcane academies.
  • Cyre, in the southeast. Once famed for its art and beauty; now destroyed and become The Mournland after the Day of Mourning.
  • Karrnath, in the Northeast. Famous for its vast, untamed forests, and its use of undead soldiers in the Last War.
  • Thrane, just north of Breland. Famous as the seat of the Silver Flame, a powerful kingdom legendary for its masters of Divine power.

Sharn: The City of Towers.

Districts of Sharn

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