New Rituals

Consume Magic Level 1

Component Cost: 25 gp

Market Price: 50 gp

Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

Category: Enhancement

Time: 1 hour

Duration: Instantaneous

When you finish performing this ritual, you touch a magic item and destroy it, absorbing its essence into yourself. Your Maximum Vitae increases by 20% of the item’s market price.

The first time you cast this ritual, your Maximum Vitae is 0, and increases normally from the first casting.

You may spend Vitae to power rituals that you cast instead of components, and returns to maximum after each Extended Rest.

If you use Vitae to cast a ritual that creates a magic item or alchemical item, also reduce your Maximum Vitae by the same amount.

DM’S Notes on Consume Magic: This ritual essentially lets you ‘eat’ a magic item and absorb some power from it. You take an item you would otherwise sell for 1/5 its price, and instead you basically can do that many GP’s worth of free rituals per day. So if you used this power on an item worth 1000 gp, the item is destroyed and now you can do 200 gp worth of rituals every day without spending any actual money.

The real idea is that if you like rituals a lot, then take some crappy level 2 or 3 item and eat it, and now you can do a few rituals every day without depleting your actual money, so you can just do them whenever.

New Rituals

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