Red Band

The Red Band are a small street gang in Sharn. They are famously composed only of Elves, primarily disgraced Valenar elves. They love to fight, and count among their number many accomplished fighters and magicians of all stripes.

Recently, they have been attempting to secure turf in Tavick’s Landing, where organized crime previously had little influence. A team of mercenaries hired by Darok D’Kundarak recently retaliated against their attempted encroachment of Tavick’s Landing by killing most of the Red Band and their leadership in one night.

When the Red Band took control of a small section of Tavick’s Landing and held the innocent passers-by as hostages, the six heroes put a final end to the Red Band, killing their supreme leader and their last soldiers. Aldous Pepperhammer arrived on the scene shortly afterward, and made the Red Band’s destruction a matter of public record.

It is believed that this insane power-play on the part of the band was an attempt to lure the party into an ambush.

Red Band

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