Sharn City Watch

The Sharn City watch, in their green-and-black uniforms, maintain order in the city and keep it safe for honest folk.

That’s the theory, anyhow. In pracitice, they keep the Upper City safe (as long as you’re not in debt to the mob) with frequent patrols. You probably won’t get murdered in the middle city unless you go out too late at night, or take the wrong alleyway one time too many. If you travel to the lower city you had better have friends and Brelish Steel on you hip. The Undercity… honest folk shouldn’t be there anyway; why should the watch worry?

The Cogs: If you’re on a lift platform, or working in a major factory near the platform, the watch has an interest in you. Beyond that, well… accidents happen.

The City watch has no headquarters, but its command structure extends down form the politicians of the City Council down to the various Armouries around the city.

The Watch is rife with corruption; organized criminals with enough wealth are seemingly immune to arrest or harassment from the Watch, provided they toe the line and play by the Watch’s (minimal) rules of conduct.

Sharn is unique among most cities in the world in that it fields a permanent, official Inquisitives’ Guild who are part of the watch. They investigate particularly high-profile crimes and attempt to find the culprit through detective-work. This is, however, a new science, and the Inquisitives are imperfect.

Sharn City Watch

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