Silver Flame

The Church Silver Flame is one of the youngest religions on Khorvaire, and without a doubt the fastest-growing. The Silver Flame emphasizes the power of every person to stand against evil, and stresses that the potential for valiance and kindness exists in everyone. Though the Flamites (as they are called) worship no God per se, they do honor very highly all that is good and noble in the spirit ordinary people.

The Church is based in Flamekeep in Thrane, the site of the titular Silver Flame itself. Legend has it that long ago, a powerful Overlord – a demon of incredible power – roamed Khorvaire, laying waste to all it laid eyes upon. Many tried and failed to stand against its power. At last, only a single desperate hero remained, a holy warrior of great conviction. She threw herself desperately against the demon, but for all her strength succeeded only in holding it for a moment. This moment, however, was enough for a Couatl that had been stalking the demon to strike; catching the fiend momentarily off its guard, the divine Serpent sacrificed itself to imprison the demon in a prison of shining silver fire.

And so today, the pillar of Silver Flame still burns on the very spot where the Overlord was destroyed by the heroic sacrifice of the Couatl and Paladin. When the need is great, it is said that the voices of both Couatl and Paladin can be heard from the flame, giving direction to the righteous who worship it.

Today the power of the Church is immense. Though Thrane is ruled by a king, the de facto leaders of the nation are the powerful cardinals of the Silver Flame.

Dark whispers suggest that the current leadership of the church is corrupt, and that some malign force gathers iniquity and perverts the message of the flame, using it as a tool for evil. Surely there is no truth to such rumours…

Silver Flame

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