House Tarkanan is a psuedo-dragonmarked house based in Sharn consisting mostly of bearers of aberrant dragonmarks.

The House takes its name from Lord Halas Tarkanan who, along with the Lady of the Plague, raised up those with aberrant dragonmarks to challenge the dragonmarked houses during the War of the Mark.

Today, the house is known for acts of assassination, theft, and other crimes. Its members use their wide variety of powers granted by their nonstandard dragonmarks to surprise and destroy their enemies. House Tarkanan’s power on the streets is significant, but it is surpassed by both the Boromar clan and the Vandergraft family.

The bearers of aberrant marks are scorned and sometimes secretly hunted by the dragonmarked houses, who view them both as an abomination and a threat to their monopolies. Thus, there is considerable solidarity among the bearers of aberrant marks, who feel that they are victims of undue discrimination. Memories of the massacre of their fellow mark-bearers during the War of the Mark inspires vengefulness in many aberrant marked.


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