Along with the Boromar clan, the Vandergraft crime empire controls the criminal underworld of Sharn. The Vandergraft family was established in Sharn many decades ago, but was a relatively minor force in the city until the last twenty years, when its control over Sharn – and the influence of criminals more generally – increased exponentially.

The Vandergraft family, like the Boromars, have a hand in every sort of illegal trade in the city, ranging from smuggling to narcotics to prostitution to extortion to petty theft. Like the Boromar, they prefer to settle problems through nonviolence as a first resort, but will not hesitate to deliver a brutal maiming or murder if they feel it is profitable.

The Vandergrafts are notable among Sharn crime organizations in that they are not properly a ‘family’ – they accept members of all races and lineages, provided that they prove their loyatly to the organization. Those who serve the family long and loyally, and survive its many tests are then initiated or “made” into the family, and replace their family name with Vandergraft.

The family is also notable among criminal organizations in that it does not have a single supreme leader – it is currently led by a Duumvirate of two leaders. The human Victor Vandergraft oversees the finances and politcal reputation of the family, while the elf Syle Vandergraft handles the family’s ‘military’ power and coordinates wars and conflicts with other families.

Recent events have made it increasingly clear that the Vandergrafts, in addition to their other criminal enterprises, have a number of research laboratories used to develop all manner of unwholesome magic and artifice.


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